Doodles: The Pixar of Web3 | Julian Holguin

Today we are joined by Julian Holguin, the CEO of Doodles. Julian reveals how Doodles is creating an IP powerhouse that will become the Pixar of Web3. The OG Doodles NFT collection is just the tip of the iceberg (their "Toy Story"), with even more exciting things to come.

In this episode, Julian explains the power of combining narrative with technology, Doodles' business plan and collaboration with global brands, the secret to community content creation, Doodles' growth strategy and more! You won't want to miss this inside look at one of the most captivating NFT/IP houses in Web3!

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(00:00) Intro

(01:26) Doodles Origin Story

(08:44) Julian’s Digital Media Background

(15:41) Building the Pixar of Web3

(20:09) Why Leverage NFTs?

(23:47) The Impact of Doodle’s Floor Price

(27:16) Quicknode

(29:04) Synthetix

(30:43) The Business Model

(39:29) Collaborations with Global Brands

(44:32) Why Choose Flow for Doodles 2?

(51:12) Scarcity, Utility and Community Content Creation

(58:49) The Doodle Bank

(01:04:46) Doodle’s Audience and Value Accrual

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