Policy Series: Why The US Is Falling Behind | Rebecca Rettig, Jake Chervinsky

Today we are joined by Rebecca Rettig and Jake Chervinsky to discuss the state of crypto regulation. Rebecca and Jake explain how the US is falling behind, the EU's MiCA regulation, the SEC's attack on Coinbase, Gary's false sense of control and the hottest crypto bills in DC. Regulation and policy are becoming must-know topics for crypto participants, and this is your go-to source for everything you need to know. This is the first episode in an ongoing regulatory and policy series with Jake and Rebecca!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:40) The State of Crypto Regulation

(02:36) Europe's MiCA Legislation

(11:10) "Chainalysis Ad"

(12:14) Coinbase’s Offshore Expansion

(14:11) The UK’s Approach and What’s Next for the EU

(19:07) Gary Gensler’s April Testimony

(22:45) Coinbase’s Fight with the SEC

(30:08) Warren Marshall Bill

(35:21) The US Policy Outlook

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Coinbase's response to the SEC’s Wells notice


The Blockchain Association





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