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$160M Wintermute Exploit, Algo Stable Regulation & Arbitrum's Close Call | Roundup

In this episode of Empire's Weekly Roundup, Jason is joined by 0xpibblez and Westie from Blockworks Research to discuss this week's biggest stories. We start with the $160M Wintermute hack, Nasdaq's new custody offering and why pibblez is staying away from algo stablecoin governance tokens.

We then discuss Arbitrum's white hat hacker, why the Cosmos ecosystem might start seeing more exploits, how DAOs should codify their cap tables and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:38) Who The F*ck is Buying ETH Right Now?

(01:46) Wintermute $160M Vanity Address Hack

(14:36) Nasdaq's Crypto Custody Announcement

(17:31) New Draft Stablecoin Bill

(25:44) Avalanche Ad

(27:12) Arbitrum Vulnerability Exposed

(34:44) Rari Fuse Hack Payment

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Referenced in the show:

Arbitrum white hat hacker (Riptide) blog


Riptide's tweet asking if Arbitrum would have been insolvent



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