Centralized Builders Bull Case, Bear Market Conference, zkEVM Problems | EthCC Reflection

In today's episode Dan and Sam are joined by host of Bell Curve Podcast & Blockworks Co-Founder Michael and Blockworks research analyst Matt. The team dives into their key takeaways of the EthCC and converse on zkEVM problems, the bull case for centralization, scaling solutions, interoperability, and much more!

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Alex Blania Interview




McHenry Bill Derailing


Vitalik Buterin - A history of account abstraction





(00:00) Introduction

(02:27) EthCC Vibe Check

(09:30) Discussions on zkEVM Problems

(15:11) Takeaways for Interoperability

(23:52) The Bull Case for Centralized Builders

(39:49) Enshrining Eigen Layer in Ethereum Protocol

(46:21) Are Scaling Solutions Too Much?

(55:01) Lido Bribe Mechanism

(59:45) Web2 at EthCC

(01:01:55) Permissionless Discount

(01:03:19) What Does Institutional Adoption Look Like?

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