The Sovereign Rollup Thesis & Inevitability of Modular Tech Stacks | Mustafa Al-Bassam (Celestia), Preston Evans (Sovereign)

Today we are joined by Preston Evans and Mustafa Al-Bassam to discuss the sovereign rollup thesis. We discuss social vs technical sovereignty, the Sovereign SDK, why light clients are critical to scale, limitations of optimistic rollups, value accrual in a modular world and more!

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(00:00) Rollup Designs

(05:40) Social Sovereignty vs Technical Sovereignty

(09:58) Why Does the Rollup Debate Matter?

(18:09) Limitations of the EVM

(20:39) A Blockchains 3 Core Tasks

(24:21) Thales

(25:18) Security Guarantees & the Benefit for Users

(32:21) Modular Inevitability & Breaking the Layer One Loop

(42:34) Why Preston is Bearish on Optimistic Rollups

(46:00) Value Accrual and Moats

(53:40) Sovereign’s Alpha Release & Celestia’s Mainnet Incoming

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