Your Privacy, Risks, and Rights Following Tornado Cash Sanctions | Jill Gunter & Michael Mosier

The US Treasury's sanctions on Tornado Cash could go down as one of the most significant events in crypto's history. The implications and nuances are vast, so we've decided to do something a little different for today's episode.

On August 12th, Jill Gunter and Michael Mosier from Espresso Systems hosted a Twitter Space on Tornado's sanctions, financial privacy and regulation. We've teamed up with Jill and Michael to share this epic conversation with a wider audience.

This is a massive episode, almost 3 hours, but it's full of profound insights and has an all-star lineup of speakers. I highly recommend listening if you want to learn more about the recent sanctions and where regulation is heading!

Shoutout to @f1v3am and @nedbgq, who provided a recording of the conversation and made this episode possible.


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Link to the original Twitter Space


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