Wallets and MEV: Decoding Ethereum’s Supply Chain | Matt Cutler, Blocknative

In today's episode of Empire Jason interviews Matt Cutler, CEO & co-founder of Blocknative. They dive deep into the supply chain of blockchains, exploring the various layers of what a transaction actually means on a blockchain network. They discuss the power balances of validators, block builders, relayers, sequencers, and users when considering the supply chain of transactions. They close out the conversation by digging into MEV and how wallets are positioned to capture major value with the adoption of account abstraction and the usage of intents. 

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(00:00) From Early Internet to Ethereum

(05:41) Supply Chain of Eth Transactions

(17:49) Power Struggles & Economics of MEV Layers

(29:09) Business Model of Relays

(44:15) Vouch Ad

(45:24) Bumper Ad

(46:27) Private Transactions and Mempools

(01:01:38) Wallet Value Capture

(01:10:58) Uniswap MEV Market Share

(01:17:50) Ethereum Outlook

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