ep. 96


Bear Market Advice | Weekly Roundup

In this episode of Empire's Weekly Roundup, Jason and Santiago discuss how to navigate the current bear market. Things aren't looking pretty, but this isn't the team's first rodeo. The duo explores what to expect, how to stay in the game and where opportunities might emerge. Highlights include:

  • where will crypto's total market cap bottom?
  • are Jason and Santi buyers at these prices?
  • why are funds ignoring liquid markets?
  • how founders should approach the bear
  • thoughts on a16z's new $4.5B fund
  • will Coinbase be acquired? and much more

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Referenced in the show:

Chris Dixon Permissionless Keynote


Santi's Coinbase Acquisition Tweet


Bill Gurley's "All In" Panel


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(00:00) Introduction

(01:11) Crypto Marketing

(04:04) Why Santi Missed Permissionless

(05:45) Advice For This Bear Market

(17:32) A 16z Raises 4.5B

(22:04) How Founders Can Embrace The Bear

(26:34) ETH And Assessing Value Today

(29:13) Overleveraged

(33:05) How Capital Calls Work

(34:55) Will Funds Leave The Space?

(37:00) Bitmex Ad

(38:02) When Do You Buy?

(45:10) Stay In The Game?

(47:16) Coinbase Acquisition Thesis

(53:07) Three Leading Indicators

(54:07) Smaller Funds Underwater

(57:35) Liquid Assets Have Been Ignored

(1:00:27) Investing Isn't Easy

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