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A Paradigm Shift: Chaos Fuels BTC’s Fire | Avi Felman, Jonah Van Bourg

In this episode of Empire, Avi Felman and Jonah Van Bourg explain how macro and banking turmoil has ignited a market paradigm shift. Funds will be hunting for the assets that will perform well in this new paradigm, and it won't be bonds... Tune in as we discuss BTC's prime moment, why supply is the story of 2023, BTC vs ETH, the USDC depeg and more. If you listen to one Empire episode this year, this is it!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:06) The market is consistently wrong

(07:24) A new paradigm and BTC's opportunity

(27:14) Bitcoin vs ETH vs Alts

(35:34) Quicknode

(37:19) The implications of USDC's depeg

(38:05) What other trades are you watching?

(45:27) Expected sources of leverage in the next cycle

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