ep. 118


Tornado Cash Banned, USDC Blacklist and KYC DeFi | Roundup

In this episode of Empire's Weekly Roundup, Jason and Santi discuss the US Treasury's sanctions on Tornado Cash, Circle freezing USDC transfers, the future of KYC DeFi and more.

Show Highlights:

-- How do privacy protocols work? 

-- Does this ban mean crypto isn't decentralized? 

-- How did Circle freeze the transfer of USDC tokens?

-- Should DeFi protocols be worried?

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(00:00) Introduction

(07:28) Tornado Cash Sanctioned By The US Treasury

(14:44) How Mixers And Privacy Tokens Work

(21:06) Github, Infura, AWS And Crypto’s Centralization Vectors

(23:00) Core Ad

(24:30) USDC Blacklist And Implications For DeFi

(38:05) What Happens If All DeFi Is KYC’d 

(41:54) How Does The Ban Affect Other Privacy Protocols

(43:40) Curve Hack, Coinbase Earnings  

(53:55) Uniswap Protocol Fee And Foundation Approved

(58:46) ETH PoW Chain, Hot Or Not?

(01:03:03) Reddit Embraces Web3

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