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The Case for Sovereign Blockchains | Sunny Aggarwal, Dmitriy Berenzon

There's a heated debate in crypto right now around AppChains and the modular vs monolithic paradigm. That's why we released this special episode today from our other favorite podcast, Bell Curve.

Sunny Aggarwal and Dmitriy Berenzon discuss how AppChains enable developers and protocols to customize consensus, cryptography, MEV rules, fees and more. But is this customization worth the fragmentation, start-up costs, lack of tooling and other challenges AppChains face? Tune in to find out!

And don't worry - we'll be back to the usual roundup with Jason and Santi next week!

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(00:00) A Note from Jason

(02:45) Intro: Pre-Interview

(05:15) The AppChain Thesis

(13:34) Reasons to Build an AppChain

(30:00) Blockworks Research ad

(31:33) The Downsides and Challenges

(46:22) What is Permissioned Blockspace?

(53:06) Cosmos vs Ethereum

(01:06:28) Solving Interoperability

(01:12:12) User Lock-in, Wallets

(1:18:00) Recap: Post-Interview

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