Web3 Ad Markets Explained | Antonio García Martínez

In this episode of Empire, we're joined by Antonio García Martínez, Founder of Spindle, New York Times best selling author, and tech leader with experience ranging from Facebook to Goldman Sachs. Today's episode delves into the intricate world of advertising, contrasting traditional Web2 paradigms with emerging Web3 possibilities. Learn about the the decentralization of advertising platforms, evolving monetization models, and the ethical implications surrounding data privacy.

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(00:00) Who is Antonio García Martínez?

(06:35) The Facebook Ad Market

(10:41) Sourcing Off-Platform Data 

(18:46) The State of the Ad Market  

(24:14) Ad Space Landscape

(26:41) Are Web2 Platforms Listening to you?

(29:10) Hardware VS Software Layer

(32:02) The State of Crypto Ad Markets

(36:48) Vouch ad 

(37:56) Permissionless Ad

(39:21) Web3 Impact on Ad Markets 

(44:32) Ad Marketplaces 

(51:25) Web3 Master of Ads 

(55:35) How Does Spindl Work?

(01:00:25) Web3 User Tracking

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Ghostery Pixel Tracking


LumaScape - A visual guide


 Facebook isn't Listening to you (Antonio Wired Piece) 


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