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The Regulatory Impact of FTX | Kristin Smith, Jake Chervinsky

In this episode of Empire, Kristin Smith and Jake Chervinsky join us to discuss how FTX's collapse will impact crypto regulation.

SBF was the poster child of crypto in D.C. - how will his fallout damage crypto's reputation? Did regulators fail consumers, and how will they respond? What are the shortcomings of the DCCPA bill? How important are the political midterms, and what is happening in the securities vs commodities debate? Tune in to find out!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:54) SBF’s Unbelievable Damage

(07:17) How Active Was SBF In D.C.?

(09:52) The First Red Flags & DCCPA Threats

(22:56) Where Regulators Failed

(27:32) Expected Reaction From D.C.

(33:43) Circle Ad

(35:26) DCCPA Overview & Its Impact On DeFi

(47:53) What The Midterms Mean For Crypto

(50:55) The Litigation Phase

(55:07) LBRY, Ripple & Progressive Decentralization

(1:03:45) A Path Forward

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Jake's tweet thread on DCCPA


Brian Amstrong's response to Elizabeth Warren


Ron Hammond's tweet thread on FTX/SBF


Blockchain Association website


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