ep. 129


The Cosmos App-Chain Thesis | Zaki Manian, Jack Zampolin

In this episode of Empire, Jason and Santi are joined by Zaki Manian and Jack Zampolin to explore the past, present and future of the Cosmos ecosystem and tech stack.

What are the advantages of application-specific chains? How will IBC and Interchain security shape the future of cross-chain interactions? What is ATOM 2.0? We discuss these questions and more in this Cosmos deep dive.

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:21) History of Cosmos & Tendermint

(18:18) App-Chain Thesis

(30:47) DyDx's Move to Cosmos

(40:57) Circle Ad

(42:39) Cosmos & ATOM Value Accrual

(50:29) ATOM 2.0 Alpha

(52:33) Asynchronous Composability, Flash Loans and New Innovations

(1:05:44) Expanding Cosmos, MEV and IBC Ethereum

(1:16:52) Pros and Cons of the Cosmos Developer Collective


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