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Starkware, L3s and the ZK Rollup Future | Eli Ben-Sasson, Uri Kolodny

In this episode of Empire, Jason and Santi are joined by Eli Ben-Sasson and Uri Kolodny to discuss Starkware and the ZK-rollup future. This episode is an absolute masterclass on scaling Ethereum using zero-knowledge proofs and a fractal architecture.

We discuss the limits of L1 scaling, ZK vs Optimistic rollups, native L2 programming languages, Layer 3 applications and much more!

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(00:00) Intro

(00:32) The Limits of L1 Scaling

(05:30) Optimistic vs ZK Rollups

(14:40) Why ZK Rollups Lag Optimistic Rollups in TVL

(19:10) Advantages of the Cairo Programming Language

(26:57) L1 Apps Building for an L2 World

(30:01) Circle Ad

(31:43) dYdX’s Move From Starkware to Cosmos

(37:15) MEV, Bitcoin and Cairo 1.0 Adoption

(46:23) Layer 3 Scaling

(57:38) What Comes Next

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Vitalik's post on fractal scaling





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