ep. 103


The Crypto Renaissance Has Begun | Josh Rosenthal

In this episode of Empire, Jason is joined by Josh Rosenthal - a former historian turned serial entrepreneur and crypto VC. Josh's encyclopedic knowledge of history - from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and beyond - and ability to draw a throughline between historical events, Web3 and our world today is truly fascinating.

Josh contends that we are living through the greatest Renaissance in history. How will historians look back on today? Tune in to find out.

We discuss:

- medieval life

- what defines a Renaissance

- the advent of a dynamic identity

- signs of a reformation

- what drives history

- layering ownership into communication

- the pendulum between aggregation and decentralization

- how Web3 brings the missing element to the internet

- why we are living through THE greatest Renaissance

- how will society be impacted

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(00:00) Introduction

(04:07) Medieval You

(10:30) Taking the Red Pill

(17:45) Self-Generating Demand

(21:16)The New Reformation

(27:42) A Recreation of Society

(32:15) Crypto Is A Counterweight To Aggregation

(37:18) Paraswap Ad

(38:26) Choosing Your Identity

(41:59) Synthetic Worlds and Chaotic Change

(46:51) Distinguishing the Institution From The Ideology

(53:37) Zoom Out

(56:46) Our Questions Affect the Outcomes

(57:51) Have We Lost Our Ingenuity?

(1:06:09) Institutions Eventually Give In

(1:07:10) Embracing Pluralism

(1:11:36) What Will the World Look Like?

(1:15:08) Crypto's Impact on the Middle Class

(1:21:18) New Jobs and Opportunities


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