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a16z's Crypto Thesis | Arianna Simpson, Ali Yahya

In this episode of Empire, Arianna Simpson and Ali Yahya join to discuss a16z's crypto thesis. We start with Ali's network flywheel framework, the future of interoperability and protocol value capture. Do protocols have moats? Is the L1 trade over? Will applications accrue an outsized share of crypto's value?

We then discuss DAO governance, music NFTs, zero-knowledge proofs and crypto's open design space. This is one of those can't-miss episodes!

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(00:00) Intro

(01:14) Crypto's Network Flywheel

(08:40) Is The L1 Trade Over?

(20:52) a16z’s Value Accrual Framework

(28:03) Circle ad

(29:45) Infrastructure Unlocks

(37:55) a16z’s Governance & DAO Philosophy

(44:33) Evolution of Web3 Gaming

(49:19) Music NFTs

(55:22) ZK Proofs & Building Privacy Into Blockchains

(1:00:33) What Feels Obvious That Others Are Missing?

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Ali's network flywheel tweet thread


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The Fat Protocol Thesis


The Internet Economy


Commoditize Your Complements


The Myth of The Infrastructure Phase


1000 True Fans


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