ETH's Shapella Upgrade: Bull vs Bear | Roundup

In today's episode, Jason and Santiago discuss the bull vs bear case for ETH's Shapella upgrade. Since December 2021, ETH staking was one way. You could stake your ETH, but it was locked until the Shapella upgrade finally arrived. Shapella is here, and ETH is unlocked for the first time! Does this mean a giant supply of ETH sell pressure will hit the market? Will institutions embrace ETH now that Ethereum's roadmap is de-risked? Tune in to find out!

We also discuss the NFT killer use case, Multicoin's L2 thesis and if the bear market has ended!

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(00:00) Introduction

(03:23) NFT NYC and the NFT Killer Use Case

(12:47) Shapella is Here

(26:04) "Valora Ad"

(27:10) Multicoin’s Thesis: Solana, L2s & Speed vs Security

(43:37) Is the Bear Market Over?

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