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Gary Swings at Crypto, While BLUR Soars | Roundup

In today’s episode of Empire, we start with a deep regulatory discussion with Kristin Smith and Rebecca Rettig to explore Gary's attack on crypto. We cover the SEC's attack against Kraken and BUSD, tokens as securities, market implications, what to expect next and more!

Santi and Jason co-pilot the last 25 minutes to discuss Blur's airdrop, the battle for NFT market share, the L2 wars and Flashbots' new MEV-Share product. This episode covers everything you need to know from this wild week!

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(00:00) Introduction

(02:55) An attack on Stablecoins?

(06:34) Kraken and staking services

(10:22) Why is Gary gunning for crypto?

(14:09) The Implications and path forward

(27:37) What if tokens were deemed securities?

(32:30) Blockworks Research

(34:05) How should crypto companies respond?

(40:22) Regulation segment recap

(51:25) Blur's airdrop, OpenSea losing market share

(59:10) L2 Wars, Flashbots MEV-Share, Sushi Studios

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