Solana's Metaplex Sparks Heated Protocol Funding Debate | Roundup

In today's episode, we discuss how Metaplex, Solana's leading NFT infrastructure provider, surprised the community by announcing usage fees, causing a heated debate on public goods funding and protocol business models. We also explore the intersection of AI and crypto, the dangers of restaking, if crypto has PMF and Ledger's PR nightmare!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:57) Nvidia and AI Take Center Stage

(14:20) Metaplex: Public Goods and Protocol Funding

(31:26) "Valora Ad"

(32:24) Should ETH Embrace Restaking?

(38:28) Ledger’s PR Nightmare

(49:32) Does Crypto Have PMF?

(58:01) Fred Wilson: "When They Want to Shut Down, Double Down"

(1:04:41) What We’re Watching and Blockworks’ New Podcast

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