ep. 105


Patients, Not Profits, Should Drive Drug Discovery | Vibe Bio, Alok Tayi

In this episode of Empire, Santi is joined by Alok Tayi, scientist and founder of Vibe Bio. Alok started Vibe Bio because the biggest obstacle in treating patients with overlooked diseases isn’t finding potential treatments — it’s funding them.

Vibe Bio is leveraging crypto's economic and coordination tools to fund the research and development that the legacy biotech industry ignores. Don't miss this fascinating conversation!

We discuss:

- Vibe Bio's origin story

- How Vibe Bio works

- Big pharma's dilemma

- Why these diseases don't receive funding today

- How to prioritize projects

- Crypto's unique advantages

- The $VIBE token

- How to grow & leverage Vibe's community

- Diseases don't care about interest rates

- Biggest challenges

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(00:00) Introduction

(02:27) Official Vibe Bio Launch

(03:50) The Origin Story

(06:32) How Funding Works in Biotech

(12:15) Vibe Bio's Gameplan

(14:50) Community Inspiration

(17:48) Big Pharma's Dilemma

(19:42) How Has The Community Responded?

(22:25) Why Now?

(24:58) How To Prioritize

(30:42) Paraswap Ad

(31:51) Is There An Adverse Selection Problem

(36:50) Two Key Milestones

(42:17) The Biggest Risks

(45:15) The $Vibe token

(48:18) Does IP matter?

(51:47) Help The Mission


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