Why Self-Custody Still Matters | Pascal & Ian

In this episode Jason dives deep into the world of digital ownership and security with Pascal Gauthier, CEO, and Ian Rogers, CXO of Ledger. They explore the importance of self-custody in an increasingly digital world and how Ledger's products empower individuals to securely own and interact with their crypto assets. Ian shares his fascinating journey from working with the Beastie Boys to shaping digital experiences at Ledger, while Pascal provides insights into the company's mission, business lines, and the challenges of navigating regulation. The conversation also touches on the future of luxury in a world of digital ownership and the potential for crypto adoption in the coming years. Enjoy!

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Story of Ledger Stax


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(0:00) Introduction

(02:18) Founder Dynamic

(07:22) Digital Ownership Vision

(17:12) Ledger PMF

(31:25) Ledger Stax Vision

(35:13) Sei Ad

(36:11) Marinade Ad

(37:15) Avalanche Ad

(38:12) Mantle Ad

(39:10) First Secure Touchscreen

(56:56) Ledger Business Lines

(01:02:43) IPOs in 2024

(01:14:48) Future of Brands in Crypto

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Disclaimer: Nothing said on Empire is a recommendation to buy or sell securities or tokens. This podcast is for informational purposes only, and any views expressed by anyone on the show are solely our opinions, not financial advice. Santiago, Jason, and our guests may hold positions in the companies, funds, or projects discussed.

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