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Why the Creator of Starbucks Rewards is Bullish NFTs

In this episode of Empire, we start with a 25-minute interview with Adam Brotman, the creator of Starbucks Rewards, to discuss why he believes every company will adopt an NFT strategy. We discuss his partnership with Starbucks, NFTs as the ultimate loyalty product and what OG crypto fans get wrong about NFTs.

After this interview, we do something a bit different. Instead of our usual roundup, we dropped one of our favorite episodes from a new Blockworks show called 0xResearch. It's an episode with dYdX's founder Antonio Juliano that I highly recommend you check out. If that's not for you, check out the spicy roundup from our Bell Curve podcast [see links below].

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(00:00) Introduction

(02:03) Creator of Starbucks Rewards talks NFTs

(25:55) 0xResearch dYdX podcast with Antonio

(26:05) FTX's Ripple Effects Across CeFi & DeFi

(38:11) Brand As A Moat

(42:49) How dYdX Can Outmatch CeFi

(49:35) Expected FTX Regulatory Fallout

(54:36) Risk Mgmt & dYdX’s Safety Module

(1:01:40) SubDAOs & Governance

(1:04:31) dYdX AppChain Update

(1:13:36) How dYdX Will Approach MEV

(1:16:53) On & Off Ramps To dYdX

(1:23:16) Returning Fees To Stakers & The Future Of dYdX

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