Base: Decentralization Funding, Public Infrastructure, & Onchain Native Life | Jesse Pollak

In today's episode, Santi is joined by Jesse Pollak, a Base contributor. Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) chain incubating inside of Coinbase with plans to progressively decentralize the chain over time. They discuss Coinbase role in the ecosystem, account messaging & abstraction, privacy approach, and ecosystem growth trajectories. 

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(00:00) Base: High Level Overview 

(07:08) Base Neutrality 

(10:25) Base Bridging 

(13:52) Base dApp Development 

(19:15) Base Privacy Approach 

(21:27) Permissionless Ad 

(22:54) Base Value to Coinbase Revenue 

(25:57) Coinbase Wallet Adoption 

(30:32) User Incentives 

(37:05) Onchain Identity 

(41:25) Bald Meme Coin Season 

(46:13) Real Consumer Experiences on Base 

(48:44) Sequencer Decentralization 

(51:53) Onchain Messaging 

(58:42) USDC Importance 

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Introducing Base



Onchain Summer


Prop House


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