Why Santi Bought SOL | Roundup

In today's episode, Jason and Santiago discuss why Santi is bullish on Solana. We start with a debate on how low liquidity creates wild volatility, BTC's correlation to the S&P and if shared sequencers are overhyped. This leads to a conversation on the MadLads mint, Santi's allocation to the Solana ecosystem, Circle's CCTP launch and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:38) Low Liquidity Side Effects

(06:42) First Republic Bank & BTC's S&P Correlation

(019:46) "Valora Ad"

(20:45) Shared Sequencer Hype

(30:00) MadLads Mint

(34:01) Why Santi is Bullish on Solana

(41:45) "Crypto is Dead"

(44:16) Base’s Adoption, Franklin Templeton & CCTP launch

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