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The Nuclear Narrative We All Fell For | Josh Wolfe

On today's episode of Empire, Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Roel Santos are joined by Josh Wolfe, co-founder of Lux Capital. Josh is a true polymath who invests in hard sciences, robotics, nuclear waste and more. 

If you wanted a nuclear energy crash course, this is it. Josh discusses where solar and biofuels fell short, how nuclear energy markets function, why nuclear is the sustainable-energy source environmentalist have wanted, and how nuclear is the key to energy security.

Nuclear energy is inevitable. Listen to Josh's unique insights to learn why.


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(00:00) Introduction

(01:58) Solar Energy Hype

(07:16) Bio Fuels Fell Short

(09:40) Energy Density

(10:58) The Nuclear Narrative

(15:31) Understanding the Uranium Market

(18:44) Modular Reactors

(19:49) Intro to Nuclear Waste

(22:33) Low-Level and High-Level Nuclear Waste

(24:11) Russia's Impact on the Nuclear Narrative

(28:45) Sponsor Segment

(30:01) Adopting Nuclear

(33:39) Investing in Nuclear

(37:30) China and the Nuclear Advantage

(40:51) Cheap Electricity and Jevon's Paradox

(44:39) Lux's Investment in Nuclear

(48:53) Black Swan Events

(52:19) Looking Forward


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