Yearn Finance is a decentralized yield aggregator built on top of several blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Optimism, and Arbitrum. Yearn Finance provide users with an easy and efficient way to generate yield on their digital assets in a passive manner. The protocol is maintained by various independent developers.

The protocol's core product offering is referred to as Yearn Vaults (yVaults). These vaults are capital pools that automatically generate yield based on the best opportunities available in the market. This allows users to earn the highest yields in a passive way without having to worry about high Ethereum transaction fees or having market expertise. Each vault can have up to 20 strategies that it algorithmically rebalances between. In return for generating returns, the vault may charge a management fee and a performance fee.

Yearn Finance is governed by veYFI (Vote-escrowed YFI) token holders who can submit and vote on off-chain proposals. Proposals that recieve majority support are executed by a nine-member multi-signature wallet that requires six signatures in order to be implemented. However, most of the decision-making powers previoulsy held by the multisig now move to yTeams, which are small, autonomous groups of yearn contributors empowered by YFI holders with discrete decision-making powers. Each yTeam will be organized around a group of signers.