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30 SEP ’22

Sample Edition

by Westie

Beyond the ATOM 2.0 announcement, whose white paper we outlined on Twitter yesterday, there have been plenty of other Cosmos related announcements at Cosmoverse this week. The biggest one yet was announced yesterday: Circle will be creating their own app-chain on Cosmos for native USDC deployment, available for any IBC chain. They will also be utilizing the Cosmos Hub for Interchain Security, and the Interchain Scheduler for cross-chain MEV opportunities (which has me pretty interested). 

Latest Research

Data publishing costs have historically been a bottleneck for rollups, and as more rollups launch, interoperability will continue to be a major challenge. Avail presents a potential solution to rollup fragmentation through its three products: Avail DA, Nexus, and Fusion, which together aim to unify the web3 experience.