Financial Disclosures

Blockworks is committed to maintaining a standard of transparent and non-biased coverage of the digital asset ecosystem.

As part of our mission to provide investors and financial service firms with the best source of information for cryptoassets, Blockworks conducts investigative reporting to critically assess projects within the ecosystem.

To avoid any potential bias or conflict of interest, it is important for the editorial team at Blockworks to maintain the same standard of transparency that we demand from our industry. That is why our editorial team has implemented a disclosure policy around personal crypto holdings.

On this page, you will find a list of disclosures from Blockworks editorial employees and contractors. Any material holdings, defined as $2,000 or more, of digital assets will be listed next to the employee’s name.

These numbers will be updated on a quarterly basis. Q2 2024 disclosures below, updated April 1:


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