What's the Future for Airdrops? | Roundup

In today’s episode Mike is joined by Blockworks Analysts team members, Dan and Westie. The guys breakdown airdrop functionality and future liquidity provisions. We also discuss what the future of Solana and the development of DEXs within its ecosystem. The conversation then turns to LSDs, with our Analyst Westie breaking down leverage staking, AMM liquidity, LSD baskets, LSD-backed stables, and interest rate derivatives. We then close out on the continued Azuki drama, the wider NFT impacts, what’s in store for DeFi, Lido's stETH Treasury approval and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:46) Airdrops Functionality & Liquidity Provisions 

(18:40) Solana’s Future

(30:10) The State of LSDs

(39:55) Azuki Update & Wider NFT Impact

(50:21) DeFi 1.0 & Future Development

(1:00:59) Lido's stETH Treasury Approval

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