SBF Trial: Week 1 Unpacked | Roundup

In today's episode of Empire all eyes are on Sam Bankman-Fried. Santi is joined by Blockworks Senior Reporter Casey Wagner who is covering SBF's criminal trial live from the Southern District of New York court. She provides details on the jury selection process, opening statements from the prosecution and defense, and testimony so far from witnesses like Bankman-Fried's former best friend and roommate. Casey covers the nuanced strategies of the prosecution and defense while providing unique insights into the sentiment in the courtroom. She also discusses potential witness testimony over the next few weeks which may shed more light on Bankman-Fried's knowledge and actions leading up to FTX's collapse.

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(00:00) Southern District of New York Court Coverage

(15:44) Prosecution Strategy

(25:00) Will Sam Testify?

(30:34) Chronicle Ad

(31:50) TOKU ad

(33:00) Witnesses

(41:25) Sam's Best Friend Testifies

(51:00) Prosecution and Defense Teams

(54:47) How is SBF?

(58:55) Courtroom Sentiment



SBF Trial Live Updates


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