Financial Services Investor J.C. Flowers & Co. Takes Stake in Institutional-Focused LMAX Group
By / July 15, 2021

Deal values LMAX Digital parent LMAX Group at $1 billion, and will be used for international expansion.

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Market Players: Excess Demand Dropped but Bitcoin’s Basis Trade Can Swing Back
By / June 23, 2021

Bitcoin futures have held at historically low premiums to bitcoin in the spot market, with futures trading about 5% higher, giving the basis trade a thin platform to stand on.

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Building the Plumbing for Institutional Capital Markets
By / June 21, 2021

“Don’t talk to me about blockchain or wallets, I just want to trade” is how LMAX Group’s David Mercer described the paradigm shift required to get more institutional investors trading digital assets.

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The Basis Trade in Bitcoin
By / May 25, 2021

The basis trade in crypto isn’t all it’s cracked up to be on paper, according to David Mercer, CEO, LMAX Group.

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