Podcast: Fidelity Director of Macro on Bitcoin and Financial Repression
By / August 4, 2021

Timmer highlights how investors can prepare for a period of financial repression and generate returns in a high debt, low yield environment.

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Stocks Rally After Tumultuous Week While Cryptos Extend Drop Amid Intensifying China Crackdown: Markets Wrap
By / June 21, 2021

Stocks rebound after a disordered week where looming interest rate hikes curbed investors’ appetite for inflation-sensitive assets.

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Strengthening Dollar Leads to Sell Off in Stocks, Gold and Cryptos: Markets Wrap
By / June 18, 2021

A strong dollar and deflationary pressures may have been this week’s downfall for commodities like gold. The US currency briefly reached a two-month high on Friday while gold slumped the lowest it has in over a month.

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Looming US Interest-Rate Hikes Continue to Shake Up Global Markets; Gold Dips as Dollar Strengthens: Markets Wrap
By / June 17, 2021

“(We) believe that the FED is only making the case for bitcoin stronger, as it doesn’t seem they’ve implemented any systems to curb inflation. This strengthens the idea behind a monetary system that can’t print dollars at will; the US has printed almost 25% of all circulating dollars in the last 16 months,” Michael Rabkin, head of institutional sales and global partnerships at DV Chain, wrote in a note to Blockworks.

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Equities dip as Fed sees two rate hikes in 2023; Treasury yields rise, and the dollar strengthens: Markets Wrap
By / June 16, 2021

Chair Jerome Powell announced that officials had begun discussing when to scale back $120 billion in monthly bond purchases, and released a ‘dot plot’ indicating two more interest rate hikes in 2023.

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