In the latest episode of Blockworks’ podcast “On the Margin,” Michael Ippolito, co-founder, Blockworks, sits down with Mike Green of Simplify Asset Management for a discussion on the US-China relationship.

The two Mikes discussed the rise of China and its key strategic objectives, how the US faces challenges internally, rising inequality as a vector of attack, the relationship between capital and labor, and finally a path forward.

Mike Green was previously Chief Strategist and Portfolio Manager with Logica Capital Advisers, LLC, and has also held senior portfolio management roles with Thiel Macro, LLC, Ice Farm Capital, LLC, Canyon Partners, LLC, and others.

Mike has a large following on Twitter (where he tweets as @profplum99) and RealVision (where he shares his thoughts and industry contacts in his “Mike Green in Conversation” series).

“On the Margin” is a two-part show. Once a week, Mike interviews industry experts, and then at the end of the week he is joined by co-host Tyler Neville where they break down the top crypto and macro stories. Episodes go live every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

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