On this episode of “On the Margin,” Blockworks Co-founder Mike Ippolito is joined by Andreas Steno Larsen and Alfonso Peccatiello for a special announcement: Their new podcast “The Macro Trading Floor” will be launching Sunday, April 17th on the Blockworks network with a VERY special guest.

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With inflation soaring over 8%, bond markets selling off, and the Fed turning increasingly hawkish, Andreas and Alfonso explain how to maneuver the market during these uncertain times.

The two macro powerhouses put their money where their mouth is by both announcing an actionable trade idea — but to hear that, you’ll have to tune in!

They also cover:

  • the bond market
  • the stock market
  • the Fed’s hawkish stance
  • and so much more

Watch the full episode below! 👇

“On the Margin” is a two-part show. Once a week, Mike interviews industry experts. At the end of the week, he is joined by a co-host where they break down the top crypto and macro stories. Episodes go live every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

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