In the tenth and final episode of Blockworks’ “Generational Arbitrage,” host Tyler Neville speaks with Rayne Steinberg, co-founder of WisdomTree with $75 billion of assets under management.

After leaving WisdomTree in 2011, Rayne went on to co-found Arca in 2018. In three years Arca managed to grow to $400 million in digital assets under management. On this episode, Rayne shares the similarities between the digital asset ecosystem and the early ETF industry, generating alpha in this new asset class, active vs. passive, the problems with ESG investing and the generational divide in society.

They also discuss:

  • Arca’s Treasury Fund
  • Arca’s actively managed fund
  • Institutional Interest
  • The Future of Arca
  • Scaling Arca in the digital age

Check out what they had to say in the video below. 👇

The social fabric of contemporary American life is tearing itself apart. On “Generational Arbitrage,” Tyler Neville, the former author of Blockworks’ smash hit Daily Newsletter, dug into the institutions whose promises are left unfulfilled.

While the show run has ended, you can still listen to all 10 episodes in the Blockworks archives on Apple or Spotify or watch episodes on YouTube.

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