Polemos launches platform for collateral-free digital asset rental

The launch of ‘The Amory’ will provide gamers the chance to earn rewards through borrowed assets


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Blockchain gaming provider Polemos has announced a new chain-agnostic blockchain game platform it calls “The Armory.” This platform intends to offer gamers the ability to rent digital assets without collateral or deposit requirements.

Traditionally in gaming, digital asset rentals require a deposit, or the borrowers are only given copies of the original item. The Armory, on the other hand, will not ask for any collateral or deposits beyond a borrowing cost and give users the chance to use the digital assets as they like.

Players retain any rewards earned through their borrowed items, giving them an opportunity to experiment with different digital assets without the need to invest a large amount of time and money.

Lenders will be able to earn money from digital assets sitting idly in their wallets, though there is a small fee required to list each digital asset.

Halborn, a blockchain security firm, has audited the platform’s smart contract, potentially providing lenders with enhanced security. Smart contract audits are crucial for blockchain security, and multiple audit firms may review the code for some companies. This helps to ensure untampered item returns and reinforces overall platform security.

The Armory will be chain agnostic and integrated into Polemos’ Forge, meaning it will be able to operate on a variety of different blockchains. 

Initially, The Armory will support all Polygon proof-of-stake games, including Galaxy Fight Club, and in development games such as Apeiron, Deadrop and others. It plans to later integrate with other blockchains including Immutable, Solana, Avalanche and Ton.

“By providing a convenient solution for borrowers and lenders alike, we’ve opened up lending of game assets to the whole industry — with no work required by games to enable these great benefits,” Sascha Zehe, cofounder and co-CEO of Polemos, said in a statement.

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