In the latest episode of Blockworks’ podcast “Empire,” Jason Yanowitz , co-founder of Blockworks, sits down with Anil Lulla, chief operating officer at Delphi Digital, to talk about DeFi, crypto gaming and how he got so bullish on NFTs.

After completing a major in finance and a minor in entrepreneurship at Rutgers Business School, Anil worked at Bloomberg as a corporate bond analyst for two years. He then joined Deutsche Bank where he worked on structuring leveraged finance products, according to a bio on CoinTelegraph.

He left Deutsche Bank and co-founded Delphi Digital, a high-end digital-asset research firm that provides credible, actionable analysis for the crypto industry. Delphi also has a venture arm and a DeFi consulting wing.

Anil and Jason talked about:

  • NFTs and music
  • What is Tokenomics?
  • How do you come across good crypto investments?
  • How do investors dive into different projects?
  • Did NFTs die?
  • Coordinating people across the metaverse”
  • How to hire people who make six figures on yield farming

Check out what they had to say in the video below. 👇

On “Empire,” once a week, Jason interviews individuals that have built the crypto industry to talk about their struggles, bold moves and tough decisions. For any NPR or Guy Raz fans out there, you can think of “Empire” like a “How I Built This” for the bitcoin and crypto industry.

Episodes are released every Thursday morning. 

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