Bitcoin and crypto are no longer obscure internet phenomena. Over the past decade, they have become a critical alternative asset class that impacts nearly every institution in the world.

At Blockworks, we’ve been helping investors understand this emerging asset class for nearly three years. 

Today, Blockworks is excited to announce the launch of our editorial site.

Leveraging our new site and daily newsletter, our editorial team will focus on the asset managers, companies, and individuals that shape the crypto industry. 

The goal of our editorial team is simple: to provide investors and finance professionals with the news, analysis, and insights they need to make informed decisions about the digital asset space.

What you can expect:

As an independently-owned company that has never raised venture money, coverage from Blockworks will have no agenda. 

We pledge to report on the industry in a way that is unbiased, fact-based and accessible. 

We will dutifully cover markets, investment trends, and regulatory developments that connect the emerging crypto ecosystem with the broader world of macro finance.

Why now?  

Bitcoin has emerged as a non-sovereign, global, decentralized, digital store of value. 

The industry is experiencing record institutional inflows, from macro hedge funds, to university endowments, to RIAs.

This transformation is happening at one of the most uncertain moments in the history of our global financial system. In a three month time span in 2020, central banks printed $25 trillion.

Corporate and sovereign debt levels are at all time highs, interest rates are at all time lows, and inequality is increasing faster than ever before.

If we’ve learned one thing in 2020, it’s that the “old way” of doing things isn’t working.

We’re entering into a new world of finance, and Blockworks is here to help you navigate it. 

About Blockworks:

Blockworks is a financial media brand that delivers breaking news and premium insights about digital assets to millions of investors. 

Our editorial content, newsletters, podcasts and events provide investors with the critical analysis and information they need to make smarter decisions about digital assets.

Got tips about what we should cover, or questions for our editorial team? Let us know at [email protected]