Miners Hive Blockchain Technologies, Hut 8 Prep for Ethereum Merge

Hive exploring other coins to mine while Hut 8 ready to “pivot” ether-focused machines to offer AI and other services


Bitcoin mining farm | Source: Shutterstock

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MON - WED, SEPT. 11 - 13, 2023

Permissionless is the brainchild of Blockworks and Bankless. Over 5,500 people attended the inaugural event in 2022, making Permissionless the world’s largest DeFi conference.  What sets Permissionless apart? It’s a crypto native’s paradise, crafted specifically for both builders and investors who […]

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Goldfinch: A Strong Contender in On-Chain Private Credit Markets


Goldfinch is an on-chain private credit protocol that allows entities, mostly lending businesses and credit funds in emerging markets, to borrow from a variety of KYC’d lenders.



Taiwan will first regulate crypto payments and other transactions, ensuring local firms stick to anti-money laundering rules


Bitcoin’s rally is being fuelled by spot buys, with the majority of flow coming from large market players looking to position in anticipation of a flight to safety


Only $37 million went into crypto startups this week


Bitcoin was introduced to the world right after the 2008 financial crash, and fifteen years later, we’re witnessing anew the failure of reserve banking and a debt-based system


Crypto companies need banks for reasons including custody and settlement


The narrative conflating SVB with crypto woes is dangerously misleading