In the latest episode of Blockworks’ new podcast “Generational Arbitrage,” Tyler Neville speaks with Nick Halaris is an Investor, civic leader and the founder of Metros Capital.

Tyler and Nick discuss the fate of the real estate market, and who foots the bill when pension funds run out of places to look for yield.

They cover:

  • The real estate view of macro finance
  • How does QE impact housing/real estate
  • Energy efficient housing development
  • What does inflation do to real estate?
  • Why young generations are leaving their jobs and their cities
  • How do teachers afford to live where they teach?
  • Pensions go looking for yield in wild new places
  • How does persistent inflation affect these assets?
  • How Covid-19 changed the economy for good
  • Homeless housing in LA, twice the price of a family home
  • Thoughts on BTC and the metaverse

Check out what they had to say in the video below. 👇

The social fabric of contemporary American life is tearing itself apart. On “Generational Arbitrage,” once a week, Tyler Neville, author of Blockworks’ smash hit Daily Newsletter, digs into the institutions whose promises are left unfulfilled. The generational imbalances are vast and very few can speak out against entrenched interests. Let’s find them!

Episodes are released every Friday morning. 

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