DAS 2021: Owning an NFT is Like Owning a ‘Piece of Innovation’
By / September 15, 2021

Skeptics question why someone would pay a large sum of money for what appears to be a cartoon, but Ikigai Founder Travis Kling described holding the asset similar to “owning a layer of innovation.”

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Bitwise Launches New Crypto Index Fund for Exposure Beyond Bitcoin
By / September 9, 2021

The new fund aims to address investor demand for exposure into other cryptocurrencies beyond bitcoin, the company said

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Gone Crypto: From US Attorney’s Office to Bitwise General Counsel
By / September 3, 2021

As the crypto space evolves, regulation for the industry is paramount, but it has to be done in a correct way, General Counsel and CCO of Bitwise Katherine Dowling said.

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Q&A: Why Bitwise Believes Indexing is a Superior Crypto Strategy
By / August 18, 2021

CIO Matt Hougan discusses firm’s focus on financial advisors, its approach to indexing and the importance of ETFs

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Podcast: Bitwise CIO on DeFi’s Next Institutional Buyer
By / August 12, 2021

Jason and Matt talk about the next wave of institutional capital moving into the DeFi space.

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Elad Gil, Electric Capital, Druckenmiller, and Bridgewater CEO Back Bitwise in Latest $70M Round
By / June 15, 2021

The San Francisco-based company is known for managing the world’s largest crypto index fund and pioneering products from bitcoin and ethereum to decentralized finance and crypto-focused equity indexes.

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