Podcast: Predictions with Qiao Wang| DeFi, Layer 1 Wars & the Supercycle
By / September 23, 2021

Qiao Wang discusses the past, present and future innovations of DeFi and DeFi Alliance as he discusses hype cycles, DAOs, and more.

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Podcast: Cleaning up the energy grid with Bitcoin mining
By / September 16, 2021

Marty Bent and Harry Sudock discuss Bitcoin mining, the energy grid, and the Lightning Network.

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Podcast: Chainlink Co-Founder on Why $2 Trillion Will Flow into DeFi
By / September 9, 2021

Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov discusses building DeFi, developing Chainlink, and the adaptations businesses will have to make.

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Podcast: Is Crypto Approaching Its Facebook Moment?
By / August 29, 2021

Former CEO of Myspace, Mike Jones shares his thoughts on the negative effects of social media, entertainment vs. utility and more.

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Podcast: Hedge Fund Manager Talks CBDCs
By / August 20, 2021

Roy Capital Advisors managing partner Avik Roy shares his thoughts on CBDCs versus stable coins.

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Podcast: Bitwise CIO on DeFi’s Next Institutional Buyer
By / August 12, 2021

Jason and Matt talk about the next wave of institutional capital moving into the DeFi space.

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