In Latest OpenSea Exploit, Hackers Target NFT Owners on Discord

A phishing attack on OpenSea’s Discord server led some users to click scam links


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MON - WED, SEPT. 11 - 13, 2023

Permissionless is the brainchild of Blockworks and Bankless. Over 5,500 people attended the inaugural event in 2022, making Permissionless the world’s largest DeFi conference.  What sets Permissionless apart? It’s a crypto native’s paradise, crafted specifically for both builders and investors who […]

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Goldfinch: A Strong Contender in On-Chain Private Credit Markets


Goldfinch is an on-chain private credit protocol that allows entities, mostly lending businesses and credit funds in emerging markets, to borrow from a variety of KYC’d lenders.



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Former engineering lead Nishad Singh was given a heftier payout than co-founder Gary Wang


Most has been sold, but Voyager still has hundreds of millions of dollars in ether, shiba inu and its own native token left to go


A total of 12.6% of ARB token supply will be airdropped



Correlation, in the crypto and the traditional finance industry, is the degree in which asset prices move together or against each other