Solana Recovers After 10-hour Outage
By / September 15, 2021

Software engineers successfully deployed a fix to the nascent blockchain network.

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Cardano ADA Token Price Rises as Hard Fork Hits Testnet
By / September 2, 2021

The upgrade onto the blockchain platform’s mainnet is still on track for Sept. 12

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Bug in Ethereum Interface Causes Inadvertent Chain Split, Chaos on Network
By / August 27, 2021

All hands on deck to fix bug created by an old version of the Geth client, which is used by 75% of the Ethereum nodes

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Ether Burns Hit $100 Million Post EIP-1559 Activation
By / August 11, 2021

Ether briefly enters a deflationary cycle as more blocks were burned than issued during one cycle.

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EIP-1559 is Live Thanks to Ethereum’s London Hard Fork
By / August 5, 2021

There wasn’t a chain split, a price crash, or the end of the world’s computer as miners went along with forking Ethereum and integrated EIP-1559 as part of the London Hard Fork. But Institutional investors are now casting a wary eye on something called MEV.

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Ethereum’s Hard Fork is Bound to Be Implemented Despite Opposition
By / August 4, 2021

Nearly 70% of the clients on the network signal support for EIP-1559, but opposition is abound.

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Ethereum ‘Hard Fork’ Means Lower Gas Fees and Higher ETH Pricing
By / August 2, 2021

Days before the London Hard Fork and EIP-1559 is scheduled to be enabled, options data from Derebit suggests Ether will hit $5000 by the end of the year, if not by the close of September

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