• “To allow for the adoption of this asset class, you need to introduce some of the safeguards and frameworks that people are quite used to operating in and within the traditional world,” he said
  • “People that are coming in, of course they realize the potential of crypto, but also they realize this is not just a technology problem. We also have a financial service problem to solve,” he said

Asen Kostadinov, head of strategy at Copper.co, shared his insights into the current market for crypto funding and infrastructure development among larger financial institutions during the Bretton Woods: The Realignment conference after he spoke on the “The Case for Central Bank Digital Currencies” panel. 

In the interview, Kostadinov shared his takeaways from the conference and also talked about: 

  • The evolution of crypto funding 
  • Tier 1 banks seeking advice for digital asset strategies 
  • The rapid institutionalization of the crypto space 
  • Adoption of alternative asset classes 

Watch the full interview with Kostadinov below.

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