In the latest episode of Blockworks’ podcast “Empire,” Jason Yanowitz, Blockworks co-founder, sits down with Michael Moro, CEO, Genesis.

During the podcast, Michael remembers when Bitcoin felt like it could go to $0. He also talked about the transition from that to corporations buying $8 billion in BTC in a quarter, the time he was forced to spend a bitcoin on a case of wine, and the rise of Genesis.

Michael has been CEO of Genesis since early 2016. Under his leadership the firm has grown from $115 million to over $40 billion in annual transactions, and has expanded from OTC trading into institutional borrowing, lending, derivatives, custody and prime brokerage services.

Michael led the acquisitions of Qu Capital, an algorithmic trading firm, and Vo1t, a leading digital currency custodian, and extended Genesis’s footprint internationally with offices in New York, London and Singapore. Previously, he served as COO of Genesis, responsible for all operations and management at the firm.

On “Empire,” once a week, Jason interviews individuals that have built the crypto industry to talk about their struggles, bold moves and tough decisions. For any NPR or Guy Raz fans out there, you can think of “Empire” like a “How I Built This” for the bitcoin and crypto industry.

Episodes are released every Thursday morning. 

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