In the weekly roundup episode of Blockworks’ podcast “On the Margin,” Michael Ippolito, co-founder, sits down with Economic Strategist Tyler Neville to talk about the news in macro, including JPMorgan’s new crypto stock offering, China’s clampdown on education companies, and Evergrande’s growing debt concerns and the potential connection to tether.

They covered:

  • Charts like the 10-year, BTC & ETH this week
  • China’s economic momentum
  • JPMorgan’s new crypto stock offering
  • China’s clampdown on education companies
  • Evergrande’s growing debt concerns
  • Speculation around Tether
  • The politics of inflation

“On the Margin” is a two-part show. Once a week, Mike interviews industry experts, and then at the end of the week he is joined by co-host Tyler Neville where they break down the top crypto and macro stories. Episodes go live every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

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