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The Best Articles on NFTs

Why NFTs are hard to explain

Nic Carter,, March 16, 2021

I keep seeing the pro-NFT crowd complain about Bitcoiners “not getting it.” Bitcoiners are to NFTs as nocoiners are to Bitcoin, the saying goes. The argument is an endless circle:

“How can you not see the value of digital scarcity? You’re a bitcoiner!” This is invariably met with the retort: “NFTs aren’t scarce, you can copy and paste them!” Ad nauseam.

The reason proponents have a hard time explaining NFTs, in my opinion, is because NFTs aren’t a singular concept. They’re a bundle of related concepts. NFTs are a cluster of superficially similar but functionally heterogeneous entities, in much the same way that “cryptoasset” or “blockchain” are too semantically diffuse to be considered a single taxonomic element. …

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NFTs: Blockchain-powered Art, Trading-Cards, Music and More with Aftab Hossain

Kevin Rose, Modern Finance podcast, March 11, 2021

Aftab Hossain (Twitter: @iamDCinvestor) is a strategic advisor and private investor to projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, with special focus on decentralized finance (“DeFi”). He specializes in technologies related to the Ethereum public blockchain — the world’s largest decentralized blockchain for programmable financial activity. …

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A Guide to NFTs, and How They Are About to Revolutionize Pretty Much Everything

Matthew Chaim, ONE37PM, March 18, 2021

NFTs are a type of token that are going to completely revolutionize entire industries by changing the way we share and consume pretty much everything. …

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Why NFTs are Important for Financial Advisors

Adam Blumberg, Co-founder, Interaxis, Blockworks, March 2, 2021

So many articles and videos have explained how NFTs work, and why they have value but that is not my focus here. My goal is to explain why I feel the current NFT boom is important for financial advisors and the wealth management industry. …

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NFTs and a Thousand True Fans Assets

Chris Dixon, Andreessen Horowitz, February 27, 2021

Human imagination is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the greatest single thing separating us from other creatures. There is no higher power. Our ability to conceive of a tomorrow that is better than today is a precondition for discovery, invention. And these two things quite naturally stack, compound. Their summation has lifted us from the Stone Age to the space station. The journey has only just begun. This should be obvious to everyone but the most hopeless pessimist. …

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$3.5 Million: Creators Are Cashing in on Digital Art

Tanaya Macheel, Blockworks, February 24, 2021

The arrival of digital art could shake up the business model of the elite art and collectibles world in a big way. A new generation of artists are creating and selling pieces for real money, and curators and venues are scrambling to keep up. The digital artist known as Beeple recently sold a 20 piece collection for $3.5 million. …

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Cryptomedia, NFTs and the Next Internet

Bobby Hundreds, The Hundreds, February 4, 2021

Do you remember the Art Basel banana? In late 2019, a duct-taped banana sold at the Miami art fair for $120,000. But, of course, bananas rot, so why would anyone pay that much for a perishable installation? What the patron was actually buying wasn’t the physical banana itself, but the certificate tied to the fruit. The artist Maurizio Cattelan clarified that the mushy, decomposing banana can always be swapped out. But, there’s only one certificate, and that’s where the value existed.

NFTs are those certificates recorded on Ethereum blockchain. …

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The Store of Value Generation is Kicking Your Ass and You Don’t Even Know it

Mark Cuban, The Mark Cuban Weblog, January 31, 2021

What is a digital good that can be sold ? Literally ANYTHING digital. If it can be generated and saved in a file format, then it can be defined as part of Smart Contract. That Smart Contract can be powerful with plenty of “If this than that” rules that allow for levels of control of that digital good which in turn can define its availability or scarcity, what happens when its sold, whether ownership is conferred, and my favorite, and what I think its possibly the ultimate game changer, whether or not future sales pay a percentage of every sale to the person/company who originally minted the digital good. …

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🤓🌈🌃 Quick Overview Of The NFT Ecosystem

Andrew Steinwold, Zima Red, October 1, 2020

As you can tell, interest in NFTs is going parabolic. I thought now would be a great time to write an overview of a few categories in the NFT ecosystem. …

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A beginner’s guide to NFTs

Linda Xi, January 2020

Non-fungible token (NFT) is a term used to describe a unique digital asset whose ownership is tracked on a blockchain, such as Ethereum. Assets that can be represented as NFTs range from digital goods, such as items that exist within virtual worlds, to claims on physical assets such as clothing items or real estate. In the coming years, we will see NFTs used to unlock entirely new use cases that are only made possible by crypto. …

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The Non-Fungible Token Bible: Everything you need to know about NFTs

Devin Finzer, Open Sea, January 10, 2020

This post serves to provide an in-depth overview of non-fungible tokens: the technical anatomy of an ERC721, the history of the NFT, common misconceptions about NFTs, and the current state of the NFT market. We hope it will be relevant both to folks who are new to the space, as well as those who already know about NFTs but want to better understand the nuances of their inner workings. …

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