Listeners of my Forward Guidance podcast are in for a real treat with today’s latest interview. 

Dr. William White, the central banker who foresaw the 2008 financial crisis and dared to challenge former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s policy of cheap money, is once again worried that central banks are in danger of making a serious policy error.

White told me why he thinks ultra-low interest rates threaten financial stability and create a bevy of unintended consequences such as flash crashes, overvalued asset prices and abrupt illiquidity. 

White also shared his views on whether the US dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency is sustainable, and why bond yields remain low in face of the red-hot inflation that has descended on so many countries.

Lastly, White made the case that these economic woes are but one of the major four challenges the world faces, with the other three of the “Four Horsemen” being in the spheres of politics, public health and the environment.

Watch the full episode below! 👇

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